centre for Teaching Excellence

Singapore Management University’s Centre of Teaching Excellence aims to drive innovation and assist the faculties in improving SMU’s overall learning environment. For the last 3 years, we’ve been partnering with them to produce a series of innovative learning solutions.

  • Goal
    • Generate strong academic interest in students through interactive technological solutions.
    • Gain deeper understanding on students’ learning habits for the purpose of future teaching improvements.
  • Challenges
    • The need to have a deep understanding of the subject matters at hand and finding the most appropriate way to marry them with the best of breed in technology.
SMU ACE – School of Accountancy

The objective of this application is to help first-year students gain a basic understanding on accounting. To make learning fun, we marry the concept of gamification with the subject matter at hand, resulting in a mobile game where students can compete with each other while sharpening their accounting knowledge at the same time.

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SMU ILOATS - School of Information Systems

We worked together with SMU’s School of Information Systems to create a creative and interactive learning modules for the topic of “Capacity Planning” and “Schedule Planning”.