Corporate Website

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, formerly known as Alexandra Hospital, was renamed and relocated to the northern part of Singapore in 2010. This move entails a slew of rebranding efforts to inform the public on the changes, while maintaining its core values that is “to provide care that is good enough for our own loved ones”.

  • Goal
    • Create a corporate website to inform and educate the public on general health and on the hospital’s services
  • Challenges
    • Build a website that can effectively reflect the hospital’s values
    • Coordination with numerous stakeholders within the hospital and the Group
Corporate website that resonates the hospital’s values

We believe in the value of a good research. When we started out with this project, we spent a lot of time speaking and gathering data from various stakeholders within the hospital on what matters to them. With this data and a deeper understanding of our partner’s needs, we built a website that doesn’t just meet their requirements, but reflects the hospital’s values in every single page.

Customized content

Another key consideration in our solutions is information architecture and website content. We tailored the site architecture to reflect KTPH’s main users category - local and international patients, healthcare professionals, etc - resulting in a seamless and targeted information delivery with no unnecessary data dig. We then combine this with a good content creation strategy, allowing the site to rise through the search rank.