channels Intelligence System

Our primary engagement with EMC involves business intelligence and data analytics, such as performance forecast and trends analysis. This suits our strength in turning raw data into useful insights, that are crucial in decision making process. As EMC moves towards a business model that leverages on their partners, we are tasked to create a system for the channels team to provide their relevant stakeholders with all the necessary information.

  • Goal
    • Build an online business intelligence system to cover the APAC region
    • Allow data providers to upload content via a centralized system
    • Provide EMC’s top level management with a common platform to view real-time information
  • Challenges
    • Visualize large amount of data in a manner that can be understood by different level of users within the organization
Robust and scalable application

The key in this project’s success lies in having a deep understanding of EMC’s operations and business strategy. We continuously tested our solution against different users within the company, and monitored its effectiveness in meeting our partner’s needs. With this data, we are then able to built a final version of the application that is both robust and scalable to meet future business needs.

High user adoption

We identified user adoption as one of the key success metrics of this project. To achieve this, we approach the challenge from two main users’ perspectives, which are data providers and information viewers.

On data providers’ side, we used a combination of excel files and scripts to allow data submission in the most efficient manner. Ultimately, this has increased their productivity and minimized human error in their daily work.

On information viewer’s side, the application’s robustness is evident from the flag system that systematically draws the users’ attention to important information and encourages them to make a decision when a red flag is raised. On top of that, by visualizing past and future trends data, we can let them tell a compelling story to the end users.